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With almost 15 solar cycles of experience in record production, for some years we have focused on reissues because we love the idea of reviving forgotten or often so rare masterpieces that they are inaccessible even to collectors and especially to younger generations. Yes, we spread music that does not belong to us, but it is a huge privilege to be able to do so. And anyway, we do always indeed look for new talents. Click here to discover our full catalog*
We have been buying records since we are the age of reason. Until you have accumulated so many that you have to open a shop to be able to manage them. The place soon became a crossroads for jazz concerts and painting exhibitions, and the sale of records was almost an accessory. So we decided to go back to our office, and better select the offer to provide a service by appointment without distractions to various customers, friends, DJs, collectors, and diggers. Click here to find out more*
Everything comes from a dream of Marco Febbraro aka Visti a veteran DJ at this stage, as well as a promoter and utopian of Neapolitan origins. The twirls behind a console are no longer counted, like the stories we could tell about the gent. Let's the feedback from those who listened to him do the speech or who joined in the numerous events promoted among pure clubbing nights, after-parties, or daytime digressions including his flagship probably, that Campanella Record Fair. For DJ booking please email [strictlygroove @ gmail dot com] and follow us on Facebook* and Instagram* to join the next event.
Italian-based retailer & independent record company founded by Marco Febbraro, owned by Anna Rescigno. Established in 2009. The sound of Strictly Groove is a tropical and unique mix of any kind of music to dance to. The label is home to both underground club hits and artistic vanguards.

..."Music is the only reason why we are here making more Music"...

From childhood to fill shelves with all about Jazz, R&B, Funk and Disco, New Wave and Electronic in general, through every musical oddity, the edited magazines, the records store opened and the many parties promoted. Every day there is still tinder to keep things going and think forward.
Strictly Groove © 2017 - 2023. All rights reserved.
Italian-based retailer & independent record company founded by Marco Febbraro, owned by Anna Rescigno. Established in 2009. #strictlygroove
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Babà Records, Enother Blessing, Erezioni, La Bella Di Notte, Omaggio, Seminato, Yalla Records and of course Strictly Groove Recordings.
Record dealer*
We buy and sell new and used vinyl mainly. What record are you looking for?
DJ & promoter*
Always ready to jump on a good party as guest or when we promoting.
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Strictly Groove © 2017 - 2023. All rights reserved.