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Kool Water - Funkalcolik EP (12" limited edition)
The mixture of talent matching with a deep knowledge of American classic Jazz & Funk, despite Kool Water being only in his twenties, inducted us to put on wax or the first time original music so full of artistic urgency. And since it was the first challenge for us too, we thought that a limited run of 250 copies was fair enough. The record takes on even more value thanks to the graphic work by Granbobo.
Kool Water - Interlude For Your Body (12" limited edition)
For the second-ever 12" on Strictly Groove we keep a still limited print run of (only) 250 copies. Again Kool Water is in full effect representing his own Funky side featuring the astonishing Soul voice of Mark Borgazzi who wrote and performed the lyric on "City Lover". The release comes with a 30x60 cm. poster. Graphic concept courtesy of Granbobo.
Avenir - Broken Antenna (CD album)
There's something pleasingly old-fashioned about the debut full-length from the Italian-based producer Emiliano Pennisi. It's not that it sounds particularly dated, techniques, as well as the effects, are often contemporary, but Broken Antenna's adventurous eclecticism evokes a period when electronic producers were not afraid to pack their works with a variety of sounds and styles. Taking a deep house sensibility as its starting point, Broken Antenna variously touches on off-kilter electronic disco, cinematic electronica, jazz-flecked beats, glistening synth-pop, curious tech-house, muted electro-swing, and even glossy Italian house. While it may be lacking the "wow" factor, it's certainly an accomplished and highly entertaining set.
V/A - Good Time Disco #01 (Mixed CD compilation)
For his label's first foray into the compilation market, Strictly Groove boss Marco Febbraro has asked European DJ Peter Edison to handle mixing duties. Peter Edison, a little-known name in the UK but one with a growing reputation elsewhere, does this with skill and flair, effortlessly joining the dots between tracks representing the label's four key influences: funk, disco, house, and tropical. For the most part, Good Time Disco offers disco-flecked house thrills, but the mix also touches on deliciously synth-heavy electrofunk with Baja Domitia's excellent "Looking for Freedom" Daughters & Sons' "Stella", classic Italian house from Luis Frontera's "Yankees", jolly Italo-disco by Things Happen's "Yellow" and sax-laden jazz-house by Luis Frontera's "Aria".
Things Happen - Red Crocodile (12")
Amazing debut on wax by the Italian-based production team Things Happen with the hit "Red Crocodile" including the remix works by the legendary Vienna-born, Los Angeles-based DJ & producer John Tejada and Swiss duo In Flagrati owners of the finest record label Codek.
Daughters & Sons - Sweet Pussy Pauline (S/S 12" limited edition)
One of the most representative outputs from the Strictly Groove catalog is a classic Chicago house track played by the genius of none other than Luca Fronza with one of his many alias Daughters & Sons. A super limited print run of 100 copies, with superb individual handwriting and unique artwork by Tatiana Festi. Collector's item.
Daughters & Sons - The Whip (S/S 12" limited edition)
To ride the prolific period for Daughters & Sons, we provide "The Whip" which also will turn your dancefloor into something wild. This killer 12" comes just after the global hit "Sweet Pussy Pauline" and the first Volume of the "Metro Series" in digital version only.
Keita Sano - Keita Sano (CD album)
Dazzled by the red sun waving on the Japanese flag and stunned by the originality of Keita Sano's music, we are very proud to present his self-titled debut album with 13 unique tracks. Unique in every sense that you learned. A magically arranged yet crossover work although in a spontaneous and intuitive way though. It is an Acid, slow-tempo techno-rooted Funk, combined with a classic electronic feeling mixed with thousand emotions on the same rail.
Jungle Radio - Album Sampler (12")
Italian-based four pieces Band, who mix apparently distant instruments in a flow of energy and hypnotism made of classic Funk & Disco all played live, with an original and interesting opening to dub and Balkan vibes. The electronic bass and the rhythm sections create an irresistible dancing flow combined with didgeridoo, sax, and accordion improvisations. Three original tracks followed by the same number of solid remixes by the likes of Salvatore Stallone, Roberto Masi, and Daughters & Sons.
V/A - Rare Strictly Groove #01 (Grey 12")
The first chapter of a series of 12" with the best-unreleased tracks from regulars in the label's roster. It opens with "Waltz To Share" by Avenir, quite old recordings from the superb catalog of our favorite producer from Palermo. Nu-Deep-House, enriched by the beautiful voice of Clara and some tight arrangements of space sounds and more vocals. Also, we find well two tunes by Salvatore Stallone with his unique and amazing jazzy touch and incredible eclecticism. "Etes" and "Brian Off" are both very solid experimental underground gems. But the main theme of the release is dedicated to "The King" by Daughters & Sons. Some expert House rhythms and piano grooves with "his" name looped in an involving memory.
V/A - Good Time Disco #02 (Mixed CD compilation)
The second chapter of Strictly Groove Recordings' official compilation is fully compiled and mixed, plus some special edits and additional production work by the Argentinian-based DJ Julian Sanza, a key artist in the roster of 20:20 Vision and owner of Heartbeat Revolution.
Daughters & Sons - Sound Ecology (CD album)
Contemporary disco is an unpredictable beast, none more perfectly defined by this new album by Daughters & Sons. Take opener "Klaus" for example, which starts as moody electroclash before dropping some piano house into the mix. Further on we encounter a diaspora of the kind of eclectic sounds favored by fans of Richard Sen, HMD, and Pete Herbert: the sweltering fly-buzz-dub of "Constance", the hypnotic Afro-house of "Savana" the far-out electro-funk of "Sugar" and the exquisite homage to Debbie Harry down the Paradise Garage, "Blondie".
Salvatore Stallone - Ops! Wo Habe Ich Etwas Falsch Gemacht? (CD album)
Salvatore Stallone is a DJ since 1974, with forty years of experience under his belt and an idol in the private parties of Ibizan's circuit. Here he puts on pretty much all his artistic background and proves he has nothing to envy anyone. From the charming Deep House and a bit tropical "Voice From Juno" to a sort of Downtempo with the broken rhythm into fragments combined with jazzy inserts of "Silvia 's Element II" via lightning Funk "Where Is My Island" and renewing interest in the 4/4 revived by the warmth of the percussion on "Slight Tension". Stallone is one who likes to impress, and he succeeds in full with "Possibility Of Dialogue" where his talent as a composer is pretty clear. The same elements are intelligently reflected in "Night In Oslo" till it flows first into a beloved Disco that resembles Cerrone's extended mixes with "One Night In Rome With Herbie" and then in a sublime example of Future Jazz with "The Travel".
Keita Sano - Pacific Tones (Transparent blue 12" limited edition)
A masterclass from the insanely talented Japanese producer Keita Sano, here in the good company of one of the kings of the contemporary disco scene Stevie Kotey aka Knights Of Olde who kindly gave us his version of "Punta Punta" a track previously released on the debut album of the above mentioned skilled Keita.
V/A - Rare Strictly Groove #02 (12" limited edition)
The second chapter of the Rare Strictly Groove series is a 12" limited print run of 300 numbered copies. Side A brings "Goce Impact" by Salvatore Stallone a visionary eleven-minute track built on a round beat driven by a magical piano with the main theme that literally explodes just after the drop. Side B opens with "MaryJane" by Daughters & Sons a great example of refinement and groove thanks to the bass played live by W. Pompermaier, plus the miraculous voice of miss Constance Dalrymple. The record closes with "No Fear No Regrets" by DJ Ermi, a rare gem with a strong jazz inspiration and sweet melodies reminiscent of the best chill-out experiences of the late 90s, enhanced with a theme from the breath eastern entrusted to the flute.
Salvatore Stallone - Pig's Dance (12" 180 gram)
Pig's Dance is a masterpiece and an extension of Salvatore's secret weapon in the 2014-15 season. A jazzy exercise masterfully mixed with the typical House style. Did all said? No, cause on the flip do we have a Rhythm Doctor remix, a visionary guy with an incredible career: Promoter of legendary events such as The 3A's, The Dungeons, Feel Real, and Mutant Disco, as well as being one of the first DJs in the UK to play House music. His version is a journey on the way of the early Orb.
Salvatore Stallone - Inside My Blood (12")
After Salvatore Stallone lit up the sky and ground with his "Pig's Dance" and Rhythm Doctor blew minds with his ambient interpretation, another key figure in the UK dance scene got his hands on the same tune. The legendary Richard Sen, the founding member of the Padded Cell and known on a global scale with the project Bronx Dogs, has wisely given "Pig's Dance" an even different feeling, driven by a gutsy bass, enhanced by flashes of sax distorted, filtered with exquisite delays for a devastating effect on the dancefloor. The 12" however, takes the name from the new original track from Salvatore Stallone's "Inside My Blood" on side A. Another masterpiece by the maestro from Montesarchio, this ancient and mystical village on the hills of Benevento, near Naples.
Daughters & Sons - Popcorn Fandango (S/S 12")
Like a bolt from the blue falls this track by Daughters & Sons. From an afternoon of studio fun with Stefano Giordani and his nylon guitar, they drop an amazing cover of the late 60s "Pop Corn" by Gershon Kingsley, pioneer of electronic music and Moog synthesizers.
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