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Spinning hot wax at the new hi-fi bar downtown Reggio Emilia, launched by the legendary DJ Benny Benassi, where a few local heroes have performed in recent months.
In Naples with my fellow DJ Fresh for a listening session at Scotto Jonno, one of the most beautiful venures around.
Ain't got much to say: Essential! One of the best things about our work.
We can't wait to dance to the unique selections of two of our favorite DJs: Ray Mang and Mystic Jungle. Camporella "NAIT" is about to happen in Parma. We are also aware that the superb SP2 mixer will be used exclusively for the occasion.
Marco Febbraro DJset + an interview @ Babarum, Volano on the Garda lake. A Magical venue for a magical party ahead.
We can not describe the feeling to have such an event in the loop already. "Aspettando Camporella" is only the first step to the 3rd edition of our beloved Record Fair due to the first Sunday of September, as usual.
We are excited to be back at the legendary Link Club, Bologne for a great day/event with vinyl market fair, workshops, talks, DJ and live performances featuring some of the finest independent Italian labels and dealers.
Camporella OFF party brings to Parma two of the finest Italians behind the console for a stellar line-up and night of hot dance actions. And to open the event, Reparto Vinile will set up his unique six linear meters of the best new vinyl records strictly for serious diggers.
Its time to announce that Camporella Record Fair's second edition* will take place on Sunday 5th September in Parma, Italy. We are very proud to tell you that this event is very important to us because it comes from our idea aka little dream and because we are involved in artistic consultancy and promotion.
PVC on June 5th. Vinyl market fair, workshops, live music, and DJ sets featuring some of the best independent Italian labels and record stores for what is expected to be another great weekend at the legendary Link Club, Bologne.
Vinyl market fair, workshops, live music, and DJ sets featuring some of the best independent Italian labels and record stores for what is expected to be a great weekend at the legendary Link Club, Bologne. Find us @ Microsolchi October 17th & 18th.
Giardiniera #8 presents "Post Clubbing" with Marco Febbraro (among other great guests).
DJ Iommi B-day party with Marco Febbraro @ Granata, Bologne.
One for the books!!! The amazing first shot of "Bollenti Spiriti" new show at Lowlife Radio #madeinlowland. It was a real flashback to when we used to dance the slow gems too. Ultra precious collaboration with Atelier Scuola di Danza of Allegra Alice, in Guastalla, Italy.
Marco Febbraro @ Bar Roma, Novellara.
We did it again, thank you LowLife Radio. 4hs with Marco Febbraro talking about some special records in the first 30/40 mins. then we let the music do the speech :) Enjoy!!!
LowLife Radio live streaming with Marco Febbraro.
Marco Febbraro @ Woo, Naples with Black Madonna.
Marco Febbraro @ Peak Freeak, Parma.
Marco Febbraro @ Bar Sartea, Vicenza.
A private party happened somewhere in autumn 2018. Private parties can sometimes offer the hottest dance floors ever. And I was allowed to play my favorite records without any compromise. Click here*
Strictly Groove @ Music On Top, Prato.
Marco Febbraro @ Barezzi Festival, Parma.
Marco Febbraro aka Visti will be back to Naples, and back at the infamous Woo! party spinning records with Robag Wruhme, Musumeci, and more.
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