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Mirko - Today (12" reissue)
Electronic funk holy grail written and superbly arranged by the likes of the south Italian-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Rosini. This incredibly rare original 7" reportedly dropped in the mid-80s during the blueprint of the Italodisco era and, in some way, it fixes perfectly those feelings but with an upgrade that places it at a level to be considered as a classic of the dance scene without the time and genre limits. Fully restored from the original source the reissue comes courtesy of Erezioni, after a quite long time of interrupted transmissions.
Raven Feat. Jocelyn Brown - So In Love (12" reissue)
Violinist and refined studio engineer, music consultant and coordinator for a variety of recordings, concerts and venues. True Gentleman. Elliot Rosoff is simply a diamond in the music industry throughout the last four decades, playing a pivotal role in some of the hits of artists such as Deodato, Philipp Glass, Grover Washington Jr., Jan Akkerman, Jesse Green, Candi Staton, Peggy Lee, and so many others again. He has signed few of the early records in the stellar catalogue of West End, the most prominent label in the history of dance music, intimately connected to all the dancers and music lovers from the world over.
Audio Quest - Luminous Egg (12" reissue)
Dominic Glynn together with Justin Mackay are both very respected producers out of the early underground Techno and Progressive London scene, concealed behind various alias as single artists and as a duo, releasing music for some of the most seminal labels such as Infonet and Rising High and working part-time providing BBC television's Doctor Who series with incidental music. In 1996 they started their own label No Bones, a platform based on creative freedom and quality outputs attracted rising artists, and some bigger names as well, from the cream of a global underground electronica, covering a large range of styles including breakbeat, drum & bass and future funk.
Oral Experience - Never Been On E/Timbo (12" reissue)
A producer with multiple aliases and projects, the sound wizard behind world-recognized mastering studio Jammin Masters and brother of Khan, owner of the legendary New York record store and record label Temple Records. Cem Oral, the aforementioned, raised in Germany by a Turkish father and a Finnish mother, heavily influenced by Jamaican dub and electronic music pioneers, began his career at a tender age playing with four-track recorders and synthesizers, juggling between collaborations with many pop music stars, or as sound-designer of film soundtracks, and in underground solo or group projects, writing some of the most beautiful pages of German and European alternative music in general. At the same time since 1993, he has mastered over forty thousand tracks for countless prominent artists and labels. "Never Been On E" as Oral Experience is definitely an odd release if you know La Bella Di Notte catalog, but probably one of the most representative of his own vision. The reissue comes courtesy of Cem Oral and is fully restored by none other than himself.
Sound On Sound - Macho/Depression (12" reissue)
After getting used to eclectic sounds but always rooted in disco music, boogie with some proto-house drift, at the stroke of a dozen reissues, Omaggio delights us with a two tracks new-wave masterpiece, released in the mid-'80s on Color Record, seminal Flemish label, first and only recording of the Sound On Sound project. The original tracks "Macho" and "Depression" have been fully restored and come courtesy of Peter Gillis. Mr. Gillis is a highly regarded artist, sound engineer, composer and producer who has worked for some of the most important Belgian studios as well as an absolute pioneer of the Euro House scene, and a signatory of some of the greatest hits in this genre.
Vein Melter - When You Feel It/Pump The Bass (12" gold & purple mixed reissue)
One of the very first releases out of the mighty Space Teddy's catalog established in the early nineties by Dr. Motte already founding member of the globally recognized event The Love Parade. "When You Feel It/Pump The Bass" is a four-track EP with two original versions plus two additional remixes of the same tracks, written and performed by DJ Jonzon and Cosmic Baby both seminal DJs of the German underground scene and musicians fascinated the synth-style of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. The reissue is fully restored from the original source.
Andrew Kitchen - Attack Of The Boogie (12" 180 gram vinyl, reissue)
Holy-grail private-press "Attack Of The Boogie" from 1984 by Andrew Kitchen very own Chicago artists who represented and still represent the most underground side of Chicago dance music as a worldwide inspirational and always forward-thinking scene. The official reissue comes courtesy of Andrew Kitchen himself via Seminato (Strictly Groove) with the help of other two cutting edge artists like Pepper Gomez still from Chicago and DJ Rocca from Italy. Fully restored reissue now available for you.
Maggotron - Floppy's From The Main Frame (12" clear, reissue)
A long-awaited vinyl-only sampler showcases some of the most seminal and vanguard recordings from one of the finest minds behind the American electro and Miami bass scene. The four tracks listed here are all original recordings from 1984-85 fully licensed by the author himself James McCauley and accurately remastered via Omaggio Records. Thirty-five years later, its still the case to say: "Welcome to the Future".
Panic - Dialated Rhythms/Last Injection (12" reissue)
Panic is the very first pseudonym of the legendary DJ and producer Aubrey, also renowned to have set the seminal label Solid Groove in the early '90s which includes licensing from the likes of Derrick May, Carl Cox, Pete Tong. The original release "Dialated Rhythms/Last Injection" fully remastered and reissued via the Italian La Bella Di Notte, is a sublime mix of techno and sophisticated breakbeat for a hypnotic journey all the way through any classic warehouse parties.
ThunderbolT - Love Is So Funny (12" orange marbled, reissue)
Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with a discography of vast proportions and spanning three decades, Mr. Pete Warner has contributed to the works of and collaborated with the likes of Patrick Adams, Herbie Mann, Wah Wah Watson, Tramaine Hawkins, The Temptations lead singer David Ruffin, Rainy Davis, to name just a few, with a total of over 22 million records sold to date. With Thunderbolt, one of his own secret projects, he apparently signed only this single, which today is one of the rarest and most requested Boogie - Funk classics of the early 80s, played by some of the best DJs in the world. According to Mr. Pete Warner the drums and percussion, bass and guitars, horn section, and vocals were recorded live in the studio and were actual musicians. The reissue is fully restored from the original source.
Paris - I Can Feel It (12" reissue)
From "Tomorrow" and back to plus thirty years, more precisely in 1987, a teenager named Thomas, Thomas Barnett the full name released the track "I Can Feel It" mixed by Juan Atkins, one of the first mix by who became the main DJ and producer from Thomas' hometown, Detroit. Today "I Can Feel It" is very hard to find a record that finally will be available for an official reissue via Omaggio, after a skillful re-master from the original source by Andy Toth former member of Detroit Grand Pubahs. History says that the '87 was a lucky year for Thomas Barnett, who also wrote "Nude Photo" the second ever release out on Transmat, credited to Rhythim Is Rhythim, definitely one of the moments to define the genre. Well, we all agree to consider Mr. Barnett an originator of Detroit Techno. From there Thomas travels across the world as DJ and live performer and when at home he is busy managing multiple labels and still an illuminated recording artist.
Byo-Jo Various Artists - Space Disco (12" reissue)
A pretty interesting find for La Bella Di Notte who digs this super rare and weird white label offering with some retro-futurist imagery. Things kick off with "Space Disco". While the instrumental edit is a joyful, string-led number, the dub edit takes vibe on a deeper, more clubby tip. "Elephungk (Percapella)" closes side A, which is a wigged-out tech-house tune with garnishes of intergalactic effects. "Head (F.)lu(X.)" on the flip is a catchy, arpeggio-driven track with excellent sub-bass and a groovy mid-paced house tempo. The journey ends with "Guiro" a slow, electronic broken beat/synth workout with dark, alien undertones and anti-gravity keyboard sequences. Do not miss this one! Collectors item!
Alien Disco - In Flight Entertainment (2x12" reissue)
Allen Saei, better known as Aubrey, is a unique DJ and record producer. This funny nickname came from the 80s British cartoon series where the main character had this red nose like him on the first day at the new school after moving from Portsmouth to Cowplain. Aubrey's career though is not funny at all since he is considered a pioneer of the global tech-house scene. Like a true rock star, it seems he lived a kind of troubled life across Europe, with a reputation that has made him very well respected in the US also, already in the mid-90s. He's always played the best clubs and festivals at the four corners of the world, produced some crucial records for labels such as Crayon, Ferox, Intelligence, and his own Solid Groove. He's recorded under a few different monikers, including Alien Disco which is also the name of the label he self-released this 2x12" on originally.
La Troupe - Dancing (12" reissue)
Following the successful slow tempo masterpiece "Just A Moment" by Liquid Mask, we have here another chill Italodisco treasure called "Dancing" by La Troupe, originally released in 1984 via Drums Edizioni. Urgently worthy of a reissue the tracks are fully remastered from the original master tape, courtesy of Gero Merella.
Chain Reaction - Sweet Lady/Changes (12" reissue)
A real classic from the disco era, one for the countless gems mixed by the champion Jellybean. The Chain Reaction was definitely at the forefront of the US dance scene and still considered among the most respected and fully talented funk-disco band. The reissue comes courtesy of Harold Sargent, the driving mind behind the above-mentioned project and Sparkle, Wood, Brass & Steel and Hott Ice to name a few.
Black Sun - Look Again/Haven Special 12" Disco Version (12" reissue)
Two of our favorite cuts from the rare Black Sun 2 LP, originally released in 1980 by the US Panache Records, now remastered and available on a special 12-inch disco version via Omaggio, courtesy of Philippe Walter.
Liquid Mask - Just A Moment (12" reissue)
An old forgotten treasure signed Sandro Oliva and its Liquid Mask ensemble, another radiant meteoroid which enlightened the Italo-disco heavens during the 1980ties. The Italo-electro-pop wizard Oliva, co-author of Ken Laszlo hits and close collaborator with the legendary Memory Records, depicts with Liquid Mask, an idyllic middle-earth between 70ties hedonism and the robotic 80ties. Gui- tar riffs blowing from San Francisco`s bay, Robert Plant-esque vocals, Oliva`s synth- wave lines, disco-funk staccatos, sharp No-wave trumpets echoing, are some of the ingredients to make this sought-after record incredibly charming and unique.
Zed - Plastic Love (12" reissue)
The Italian Fuzz Dance! We Just said almost everything about the global dance music scene. One of the most prominent labels to connect the old Continent to the new Continent. For many top players, it is considered the blueprint of Italodisco, for many others the beginning of House sound. Some of the records in its catalog are merely timeless and in the history forever. And "Plastic Love" is definitely one of those.
The Cool Notes - I Wanna Dance/Blown It (12" reissue)
Started out as a reggae, lovers rock band in the late '70s, The Cool Notes consolidated their reputation in the 80s, after turning towards more soulful sounds and have signed different hits, all finished straight into the upper parts of the charts. "I Wanna Dance" and "Blown It" released for the Sour Grape label owned by Patrick Mulpeter and Danny Ryan, both former member of the band Gold, are two gems inexplicably left in the shadows, but as often happens, later appreciated as essential spins, in the selection of champion DJs.
Equa - In The Red (12" reissue)
Superb keyboardist and driving mind of the British jazz-funk scene, founder of the seminal and finest band called Atmosfear, Mr. Lester J. Batchelor is also the composer behind these three timeless gems and most refined electronic disco tracks as Equa. This is an instant buy if you like the style of Motorcity Drum Ensamble, Sadar Bahar, Red Greg, and few other expert rare grooves selectors.
Open Spaces - Open Spaces (12" reissue)
Following the reissue of Model Citizen, here is another seminal cut, out of the stellar Interactive Test's catalog, this time by the visionary mind of Franco Falsini with one of his artist names Open Spaces, as well as the owner and mentor behind the label. Dreamy and progressive house at its best, composed at the dawn of the 90s Open Spaces is definitely another much-deserved reissue, not only for the expensive price of the original 12" but because of its contemporaneity and the absolutely stunning sound and deep soul.
Maurizio Delvecchio - Resusitate (12" reissue)
Italian secret project called Maurizio Delvecchio, released in 1986 as a private press. Minimal electronic music, odd and synthetic vibe.
K-Alexi - Our Love Stops And Goes (12" reissue)
A Chicago's true hero, a key architect of the genre, the Acid King. K-Alexi is one of house music's most prolific exponents in the world. He was already doing music way before records. He discovered house music in tender age at the Warehouse and the Music Box, where the blueprint of the sound was being laid down by the legendary Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles, very close friends and mentors. A tally of essential records, remixing and collaborations resulted in his talents being sought by artists like The Pet Shop Boys, Derrick May, Paul Johnson, Mr. Lee, Larry Heard, and Robert Owens to name a few.
Master Plan - Pushin' Too Hard (12" reissue)
An insanely difficult record to find featuring Master Plan, with synthesizers by Tom O'Callaghan and vocals by Pepper Gomez, "Pushin' Too Hard" was born in the early Chicago House days and went on to achieve cult status and become part of the history of House forever.
Skyline - Land Of Death (12" reissue)
Call for all fans of "Baja Degli Angeli" a true temple for the development of the clubbing culture, as we know it today. DJ Tom Sison and Bob Day, later replaced by Daniele Baldelli and the legendary DJ Mozart, have left an indelible mark that keeps on dreaming those who have personally experienced it, and the many young people clinging to the stories and to some crucial record like "Land Of Death".
Charisma Feat. Brenda Watts - Love Treatment (12" reissue)
Violinist and refined studio engineer, music consultant, and coordinator for a variety of recordings, concerts, and venues. True Gentleman. Elliot Rosoff is simply a diamond in the music industry throughout the last four decades, playing a pivotal role in some of the hits of artists such as Deodato, Philipp Glass, Grover Washington Jr., Jan Akkerman, Jesse Green, Candi Staton, Peggy Lee, and so many others again. He has signed few of the early records in the stellar catalog of West End, the most prominent label in the history of dance music, intimately connected to all the dancers and music lovers from the world over.
Model Citizen - Young & Intelligent (12" reissue)
One of the most valuable records of the entire House and Techno scene, certainly a very much deserving of an official reissue, now served on a silver plat... Sorry, on a hot black wax!
The Spins - The Valley Of Temples (12" reissue)
Italian finest cosmic disco from the genius of no other than Dodias, superb drummer, a former member of Gli Idoli the very first band of Lucio Dalla, and cowriters of few of his early songs. Essential!!!
Ecstasy - Tie Me Up (12" reissue)
Insane Boogie-Funk private press from Phoenix, appeared in 1982, next to impossible to find even in its area still today, finally comes back courtesy of Seminato.
Electric Machine - Disco Fashion (LP reissue, 180 gram vinyl)
"Disco Fashion" is certainly one of the rarest, obscure and mysterious record ever produced in Italy. At the same time one of the most experimental and psychedelic recordings mixed in a classic disco style. The author is unknown; his name doesn't tell us anything or anyone we can associate with him. The musicians were most probably tourists (amazing tourists I mean) with fantasy names. The name "Electric Machine" was used only for this project as far as we know, as well as for the label. The founder of the publishing company who licensed the reissue passed away and the family carrying on the business is not aware of any stories behind this project. What better occasion to lose yourself to the listening of this incredible find?
Prana People - Prana People (LP reissue,180 gram vinyl)
Omaggio brings the heat once again with the reissue of Prana People, self-titled LP originally released in 1977 on Prelude. The Aleem brothers Taharqa and Tunde Ra (or Albert and Arthur) are Prana People and brought a perfect treasure of disco, funk, soul to make you want to dance from the funked-up "Is Your Life A Party" to that slow, head-nodding sexy groove of "Wishful Thinking" to proper hands in the air feel good disco of "Angels Say Flee" to the perfect strings and flawless soul of "All Around My World". The combination of the tracks and strong production make for an endlessly playable album, and with the legendary brothers, who since the '60s have their place in music history, this is an instant buy if not already owned to add to The Aleems discography of your collection.
Ricardo "Eddy" Martinez - Expreso Ritmico (LP reissue, printed innersleeve)
Reissued from the Spanish version of this awesome Cuban records with a unique picture cover. Probably one of the best 70's Areito releases, for sure ahead of his times. The entire record minus two tracks of 10 total are all upbeat with afro-latin breaks, dope choral vocal arrangements, and chunky bass and conga lines, but don’t sleep, the lower bpm songs are great mellow gems. Gilles Peterson says: "If a Cuban record had come out on Sleeping Bag Records in 1982, I think it would’ve sounded a bit like this. It’s an eccentric middle ground between Latin-styled pop and disco".
Sandy Samuel - I Like Sado Music (12" reissue)
Official reissue handled by Strictly Groove for the new Italian imprint Erezioni. “I Like Sado Music” is a gem released by Blitz Records in 1980 among other overlooked records of electronic disco, library music, and soundtracks. “I Like Sado Music” is also the only record ever sung by Sandy Samuel, the artist name of Daniela Samueli a prolific and very famous porn actress of that period.
Beckie Bell - In The Right Place (12" reissue)
Juno Records review: "Recorded and released two years before she gave us the iconic vocals on Indeep's "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", Beckie Bell's 1979 debut release enjoys its first repress in 37 years. You don't even need hindsight to hear the promise she had at the start of her career. "In The Right Place" was a spacey, almost bluesy disco jam where she's not afraid to take full command while "Johnnie's Home" still sparkles with reggae fusion funk that's often attempted but seldom smashed in such a sexy way”.
Klaps - All The Way You Move (12" reissue)
Rush Hour Store says: "Official reissue of this impossible release. Killer Boogie-funk at its finest". A bassline so infectious, how can you not move to that! Killer boogie funk at its finest will make you slide to the dance floor by the time the vocal hits, your hands are in the air and the magic happens!
Cecil Lyde - Stone Free (LP reissue, 180 gram vinyl)
A sweet SoCal groover from Cecil Lyde - recorded in LA in the early 80s, with a great mix of funky club and mellow soul modes! Cecil's got a great ear for the grittier side of California funk at the time, tunes that still use the heavy bass and keyboards of mainstream work from the period, but which manages to make the grooves come out with a lot more punch, and a heck of a lot of feeling, a bit like some of the best indie club that was still coming out of the New York underground. The ballads are great too with a spacier, more laidback feel that shows a warmer, more seductive side of Cecil's vocals, one that balances nicely with the bolder sound of the funk numbers, in a way that almost reminds us of Bootsy in the late 70s, but a lot less polished overall!. (Text, Dusty Groove)
Jiraffe - Out'A The Box (12" reissue)
So WOW... Jiraffe - Out'a the box. Well, what can I say, when I first heard this record I just melted... On the first few bars and the tempo already was a fav, my ears pricked up and then woahhhhhh... That bass came in and oh god how that went through my whole body and shook me like a thunderstorm... those synths and percussion just left me floored... Probably one of the most cherished re-issues that you will buy... Don't know about Out'a the Box... If you don t already own it, you will and it will be IN the box for a lifetime.
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