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Mirko - Today (12" reissue)
Electronic funk holy grail written and superbly arranged by the likes of the south Italian-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Rosini. This incredibly rare original 7" reportedly dropped in the mid-80s during the blueprint of the Italodisco era and, in some way, it fixes perfectly those feelings but with an upgrade that places it at a level to be considered as a classic of the dance scene without the time and genre limits. Fully restored from the original source the reissue comes courtesy of Erezioni, after a quite long time of interrupted transmissions.
Raven Feat. Jocelyn Brown - So In Love (12" reissue)
Violinist and refined studio engineer, music consultant and coordinator for a variety of recordings, concerts and venues. True Gentleman. Elliot Rosoff is simply a diamond in the music industry throughout the last four decades, playing a pivotal role in some of the hits of artists such as Deodato, Philipp Glass, Grover Washington Jr., Jan Akkerman, Jesse Green, Candi Staton, Peggy Lee, and so many others again. He has signed few of the early records in the stellar catalogue of West End, the most prominent label in the history of dance music, intimately connected to all the dancers and music lovers from the world over.
Audio Quest - Luminous Egg (12" reissue)
Dominic Glynn together with Justin Mackay are both very respected producers out of the early underground Techno and Progressive London scene, concealed behind various alias as single artists and as a duo, releasing music for some of the most seminal labels such as Infonet and Rising High and working part-time providing BBC television's Doctor Who series with incidental music. In 1996 they started their own label No Bones, a platform based on creative freedom and quality outputs attracted rising artists, and some bigger names as well, from the cream of a global underground electronica, covering a large range of styles including breakbeat, drum & bass and future funk.
Oral Experience - Never Been On E/Timbo (12" reissue)
A producer with multiple aliases and projects, the sound wizard behind world-recognized mastering studio Jammin Masters and brother of Khan, owner of the legendary New York record store and record label Temple Records. Cem Oral, the aforementioned, raised in Germany by a Turkish father and a Finnish mother, heavily influenced by Jamaican dub and electronic music pioneers, began his career at a tender age playing with four-track recorders and synthesizers, juggling between collaborations with many pop music stars, or as sound-designer of film soundtracks, and in underground solo or group projects, writing some of the most beautiful pages of German and European alternative music in general. At the same time since 1993, he has mastered over forty thousand tracks for countless prominent artists and labels. "Never Been On E" as Oral Experience is definitely an odd release if you know La Bella Di Notte catalog, but probably one of the most representative of his own vision. The reissue comes courtesy of Cem Oral and is fully restored by none other than himself.
Sound On Sound - Macho/Depression (12" reissue)
After getting used to eclectic sounds but always rooted in disco music, boogie with some proto-house drift, at the stroke of a dozen reissues, Omaggio delights us with a two tracks new-wave masterpiece, released in the mid-'80s on Color Record, seminal Flemish label, first and only recording of the Sound On Sound project. The original tracks "Macho" and "Depression" have been fully restored and come courtesy of Peter Gillis. Mr. Gillis is a highly regarded artist, sound engineer, composer and producer who has worked for some of the most important Belgian studios as well as an absolute pioneer of the Euro House scene, and a signatory of some of the greatest hits in this genre.
Vein Melter - When You Feel It/Pump The Bass (12" gold & purple mixed reissue)
One of the very first releases out of the mighty Space Teddy's catalog established in the early nineties by Dr. Motte already founding member of the globally recognized event The Love Parade. "When You Feel It/Pump The Bass" is a four-track EP with two original versions plus two additional remixes of the same tracks, written and performed by DJ Jonzon and Cosmic Baby both seminal DJs of the German underground scene and musicians fascinated the synth-style of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. The reissue is fully restored from the original source.
Andrew Kitchen - Attack Of The Boogie (12" 180 gram vinyl, reissue)
Holy-grail private-press "Attack Of The Boogie" from 1984 by Andrew Kitchen very own Chicago artists who represented and still represent the most underground side of Chicago dance music as a worldwide inspirational and always forward-thinking scene. The official reissue comes courtesy of Andrew Kitchen himself via Seminato (Strictly Groove) with the help of other two cutting edge artists like Pepper Gomez still from Chicago and DJ Rocca from Italy. Fully restored reissue now available for you.
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Raven Feat. Jocelyn Brown - So In Love (12" reissue)
Audio Quest - Luminous Egg (12" reissue)
Oral Experience - Never Been On E/Timbo (12" reissue)
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